Get ready to revolutionize your checklist Workflow with 2BM Software’s Digital Mobile Checklists.

2BM Software is proud to introduce a groundbreaking enhancement to SAP Plant maintenance and customer service workflows: Digital Mobile Checklists. This innovative functionality empowers our customers to create, manage, and distribute custom digital mobile checklists, seamlessly integrating them into their SAP systems – and making them a part of the preventive, planned or unplanned maintenance.
When using SAP Plant maintenance and Customer Service for maintenance and service processes there are often paper or excel based checklists that are part of the maintenance task but not included in the SAP process. With Checklist manager this will be a thing of the past!!

Elevate Your Data Collection Process

Gone are the days of cumbersome paper or excel based checklists and manual data entry. With Digital Mobile Checklists, you can:

  • Create Custom Checklists – Tailor checklists to fit your specific needs, whether for routine inspections, maintenance tasks, or compliance and safety audits.
  • Add Visual Documentation – Enhance your checklists by adding pictures, highlighting specific areas that require measurements, inspections, or checks, ensuring clarity and precision in your workflows.
  • Esaily convert a physical checklist into a digital checklist – Any person can qucikly learn the user friendly tool that can create any checklist you might imagine and use the benefits of executing the cheklist on a mobile device of your choice

Discover how 2BM Software’s Digital Mobile Checklists can revolutionize your operations.

Seamless Integration and Automation

Our Digital Mobile Checklists are designed to integrate effortlessly with SAP maintenance workflows. The assignment function allows you to: 

  •  Automate Assignments: Assign checklists to work orders, functional locations, or equipment automatically, streamlining your processes and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Execute via Mobile: Utilize the Mobile Work Order app to execute checklists on-the-go, ensuring your team can access and complete tasks anywhere, anytime – even offline – in the mines, the quarry, on the oilrig or in the manufacturing plants with limited coverage.

Benefits of Digital Mobile Checklists

Implementing Digital Mobile Checklists provides numerous advantages:

  • Consistency and Accuracy: Ensure higher consistency in data collection, reducing errors and enhancing the accuracy of your records.
  • Compliance: Maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards through precise and documented checklists.
  • Efficiency: Eliminate the need for paper, reducing clutter and the risk of lost documents, while promoting an eco-friendly workplace.
  • Productivity Achieve more with the same workforce – even when the demands for compliance and documentation increases
  • Attractivness  Make sure that you are attracting the younger generation of the workforce, by offering them they same Consumer grade quality in their digital worktools that they are used to in their private life.
Transform Your Maintenance and service Workflows to 100% digital efficiency Today

By integrating 2BM Software’s Digital Mobile Checklists into your SAP workflows, you are taking a significant step towards digital transformation. Experience improved efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, and empower your team with the tools they need to excel in their roles.


Discover how 2BM Software’s Digital Mobile Checklists can revolutionize your operations.

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