New analytics feature shows how the users interact with Mobile Work Order.

In the latest release of the Mobile Work Order maintenance and service solution, 2BM Software introduces a new Usage Analytics module supporting various KPI’s and monitoring of how users are interacting with the application.

The purpose of innovation is to do better, but how do you ensure that new technology is implemented as intended during busy workdays?

This issue is being addressed in the latest release 2209 of the market leading mobile maintenance and service solution Mobile Work Orders from 2BM Software.

The latest release introduces a new Usage Analytics statistics module with a dashboard monitoring how users are interacting with the solution.

“We now log all transactions done by users on mobile devices. This allows us to provide KPI’s for how the solution is being used. The new feature has been much sought after by our clients. To secure your investment in new technology and to exploit the full potential of an application like Mobile Work Order, you need precise information about when and how the application is used. We regard the dashboard and usage analytics as a new essential tool for the change management process which is often a natural consequence of investments in new, smart technology,” says Olav Rask, Head of Product at 2BM Software.


Daily, weekly, monthly values

The latest release of Mobile Work Order supports several KPI’s, for example the number of active users and the number of unique users who have been logged into the mobile solution. The application also displays the number of notifications created in the mobile app as well as orders closed.

The dashboard provides both a summary for each KPI with daily, weekly, and monthly values as well as a configurable graph to show historical development.

Additionally, the dashboard provides the user with the ability to filter usage data by plant as well as work center, to enable follow up on how specific parts of the business is using Mobile Work Order.


Data-driven insights

2BM Mobile Work Order is a user centric standard solution. It consists of a mobile application, a dashboard, digital checklists and an IoT module. The objective is to make the maintenance processes at production facilities easier and more effective.

Mobile Work Order helps maintenance workers equipped with tablet or smart phones receive job orders, report and document maintenance and service issues and processes almost in real-time due to the integration with the company ERP-system.

The Mobile Work Order application combines SAP Plant Maintenance and Customer Service powered by SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori.

Leveraging the SAP PM/CS back-end system, the 2BM Mobile Work Order solution is built on SAP’s market leading mobile technology with the ambition to revolutionize maintenance processes by replacing pen and paper with IoT, AI and data-driven insights and decisions.


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