Modern software solutions that reduce maintenance and service costs.

2BM Software provides mobile applications that save industry time and resources when it comes to maintenance and service tasks – an excellent business case and an environmentally-friendly choice.

“Many large industrial companies have yet to make the leap into the digital world and even though they have IT systems, these are seldom accessible via mobile devices, and they are not upgraded and connected with the new solutions that can optimise and streamline the maintenance of production equipment,” said Martin Pock, CEO at 2BM Software.

“Most industrial companies already have SAP digital production and stock control systems, but they do not have the latest digital and mobile solutions, which also provide the capability of predicting a breakdown in production-critical equipment.”

“We work with IoT (Internet of Thingsand AI (Artificial Intelligence), which makes it possible to predict a production breakdown.  With ‘2BM Mobile Work Order’, we also ensure that the maintenance of production equipment etc., takes place without the use of paper, whereas previously a great deal of printed paper was necessary. At the same time, you achieve a much greater level of quality with maintenance because of the digital access to images and video documentation. And access to safety instructions and manuals also provides maintenance personnel with greater safety at work. Savings in paper alone, can run to several tonnes for major industrial companies where many employees use paper as a tool every day,” explained Martin Pock. He further added that the Confederation of Danish Industry’s goals for both growth and sustainability by 2030 precisely puts focus on reducing industry’s CO2 emissions.


Minimal production downtime and greater sustainability

Using 2BM’s software solutions, it is also possible to connect sensors for temperature, vibration or gas readings, something that was previously executed manually, written down and entered into the maintenance data system. With ‘2BM Mobile Work Order’ readings are executed automatically and stored in the SAP-based maintenance system. For example, if it is necessary to inspect a machine when it exceeds a certain temperature level, the software solution can automatically send a notification/alarm to the ‘2BM Mobile Work Order’ application and an SMS to the maintenance manager. When you simultaneously use AI to predict the state of the production equipment, it creates greater clarity in relation to when the production equipment must be replaced and/or inspected.

“Producing things more sustainably is also part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. For example, by replacing production equipment less often, if it isn’t necessary to replace equipment, and thus take yet another step towards a more sustainable world before 2030. In addition, more accurate data in the company’s SAP system will help to ensure efficient production, where there is a minimum of production downtime and the optimal utilisation of the equipment with the use of fewer maintenance resources,” explained Martin Pock. He further stated that it was about getting on with using the new software solutions, which are much easier to put into operation compared to just a few years ago.

“Many industrial companies have older IT systems, which most of them believe are not compatible with 2BM Software – but this is not the case, due to, among other things, the latest cloud-based technologies from SAP,” said Martin Pock.


Focus on download/install solutions for companies

“Collaboration between the production department and IT department is not always optimal. The production department wants something that works next week, whereas the IT department is focused on strategic and future-proof solutions, which must be implemented over a long period of time. The management look at costs and they don’t want to make further investments in new IT solutions for production maintenance that impact production costs in the short term. This can make the company’s management much less willing to be enterprising when it comes to introducing new software for maintenance.

2BM Software works with very flexible and user-friendly standard software solutions, which can be implemented much quicker than previously – including when you use a SAP system. “Our goal is a download & install solution for industry, something people are familiar with from downloading apps onto their smartphones. A solution where you can get going straight away, without having to read manuals, wait on installation or receive training. It’s all about being able to implement the solutions quickly and effectively in collaboration with the business, the users and IT. But at the same time, you have to take into consideration any new needs that may arise during the commissioning phase, so that costs do not spiral out of control and the system is completely adapted and easy to take into use,” said Martin Pock.


Huge global interest in 2BM solutions

2BM Software provides solutions to companies in Denmark and around the world, and there is a great deal of interest in the software solutions for maintenance, and the collection and processing of data which can optimise production and ensure the optimal utilisation of resources in companies.

Companies in Denmark include LEGO and Royal Unibrew, while abroad, major companies include HeidelbergCement, Mitsubishi Chemical and CapitaLand, all benefiting from the maintenance of production equipment systems.

“We have seen savings of 35% in maintenance costs at our customers’ locations, and we supply optimise standard solutions which cover approximately 80% of the companies’ needs, where the last 20% is customer specific needs, which can be implemented rapidly and effectively. In other words, you can cover a company’s specific needs but still, take your basis from a standard solution that is continuously updated and where new functions are added. And where IT does not have to worry about maintaining an in-house developed solution for SAP,” said Martin Pock.

Martin Pock also pointed out that some traditional industrial companies could face problems recruiting younger employees in future if they do not offer user-friendly and mobile software solutions, which correspond to the solutions young people are used to from using their own smartphones. In the USA, statistics show that younger and highly qualified employees think about leaving a company if the digital work tools are not attractive, updated and user-friendly.


2BM Mobile Work Order

2BM Mobile Work Order is a user-friendly cloud-based solution that consists of a mobile device app, a dashboard, digital checklists and an IoT module. It is built for mobile-friendly and user-friendly interaction with SAP PM/CS, and it is perfect for businesses involved in production-friendly maintenance and service. Using the 2BM Mobile Work Order suite, service technicians have the tools to tackle any challenge, whether it is getting rid of pen and paper or using IoT and AI data-assisted decisions.

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