Mitsubishi Chemical is one of the world’s largest chemical producers, supplying a wide range of sectors from automotive and electronics to medical and sport. The company takes a global approach across all business areas to serve our customers worldwide in the most efficient and effective way and uses SAP for digital supply chain and Asset Maintenance management 

The Challenge

Mitsubishi Chemical has been using SAP for digital supply chain logistics for more than 10 years and was looking for a mobile solution for the production warehouse to mobilize and off-line enable warehouse processes.

The Solution

2BM Software facilitated a Design Thinking Fit Gaps workshop with Mitsubishi Chemicals business owners (end-users of the final app) and the IT department. The purpose was to identify the end-users needs and to identify the fits and gaps between the standard 2BM Mobile Warehouse solution and the business requirements. Based on this, Mitsubishi Chemical chose 2BM Mobile Warehouse in a slightly customized version that would meet all their business needs.  

The final solution was developed and implemented via sprints. At each sprint, the solution was tested to ensure successful development. With MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL’s active participation in this process, the solution was constantly developed in line with MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL’s expectations and needs. 

Key Benefits

  • Many of MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL’s warehouse processes are now automated and digitized thanks to 2BM Mobile Warehouse  
    • Warehouse technicians have quick access to the goods receipt orders assigned to them and can complete goods receive process from the mobile device.
    • The implemented system is automatically linked to the inventory management system; if a spare part or similar is added or removed the SAP system is instantly updated
    • The solution is fully offline-enabled so that the technicians can access and edit warehouse processes even without an available internet connection.  
  • This has made the employees’ workday more efficient and has eliminated duplicate work. 
  • The risk of errors input into the system has also been minimized due to direct integration with the SAP backend and error handling in the application. The risk of error has also been minimized. 
  • MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL is now equipped for future growth in the digital supply chain. MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL can handle more warehouse processes in a shorter time. With a scalable system in place and running with best practice SAP Business Technology platform – the solution can be implemented abroad as well.
  • The global SAP Infrastructure enables new features for other work areas and departments to be developed. 
  • The SAP Business Technology platform infrastructure utilized by the 2BM Mobile Warehouse solution lays the foundation for future solution development for other work areas and departments that can utilize the best-in-class enterprise cloud solution from SAO
  • Warehouse processes have become better, faster, and more unified.
  • MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL can profile itself as a modern company using the mobile latest applications – making sure that a younger workforce can see themselves using the tools provided by IT
  • As the Mobile Warehouse solution is constantly being upgraded with new features being released twice a year and continued maintenance and support for the 2BM Software solution, Mitsubishi Chemical does not have to worry about having SAP resources inside the company to make sure a bespoke solution without new features is available