The customer is a not-for-profit corporation responsible for the safe and efficient movement of marine traffic through North American seaway facilities, which consists of 13 of the 15 locks between 2 great lakes. The Corporation plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the waterway remains a safe and well-managed system.

The Corporation’s mandate promotes efficiency and responsiveness to the needs of shipping interests, ports, marine agencies, and provincial and state jurisdictions.

The entities coordinate operational activities particularly with respect to rules and regulations, overall day-to-day operations, traffic management, navigation aids, safety, environmental programs, operating dates, and trade development programs. The unique bi-national nature of the System requires 24-hour, year-round coordination between the two entities.

The Challenge

The Corporation was in search of a mobile application to replace pen and paper in their maintenance processes. Effective and intuitive interfaces were of great importance alongside an easy to maintain and develop a platform that could mitigate the changing rules and regulations and not at least help to be well documented and compliant.  

The Solution

2BM Software facilitated a Design Thinking Fit Gaps workshop with the customer’s business owners (end-users of the final app) and the IT department. The purpose was to identify the end-users needs and to identify the fits and gaps between the standard 2BM Mobile Work Order solution and the business requirements. Based on this the customer chose 2BM Mobile Work Order in a slightly customized version that would meet all their business needs.  

The final solution was developed and delivered in sprits and in close collaboration with the business and IT on the customer side…  

Key Benefits

  • Many processes are now automated and digitized thanks to 2BM Mobile Work Order.  
    • Technicians have quick access to workorders and historic data on equipment and functional locations. 
    • Technicians can quickly create notifications ad document them with photos and annotations in order to speed up the evaluation process.  
    • Notifications are created in SAP  
    • The solution is fully offline-enabled so that the technicians can access and edit SAP processes even without an available internet connection.  
  • This has made the employees’ workday more efficient and has eliminated duplicate work.  
  • The risk of errors input into the system has also been minimized due to direct integration with the SAP backend and error handling in the application. The risk of false/wrong input has also been minimized. 
  • The customer is now equipped for future growth and innovation in the digital maintenance processes as well as real-life interaction is sped up.  
  • The customer can handle more SAP processes in a shorter time. With a scalable system in place and running with best practice SAP Business Technology platform. 
  • The SAP Infrastructure enables new features for other work areas and departments to be developed.  
  • The SAP Business Technology platform infrastructure utilized by the 2BM Mobile Work Order solution lays the foundation for future solution development for other work areas and departments that can utilize the best-in-class enterprise cloud solution from SAP 
  • SAP plant maintenance processes have become better, faster, and more unified. 
  • The customer can profile itself as a contemporary company using the mobile latest applications – making sure that a younger workforce can see themselves using the tools provided by IT 
  • As the Mobile Work Order solution is constantly being upgraded with new features being released twice a year and continued maintenance and support for the 2BM Software solution.