SAP endorses and future-proofs solutions from 2BM Software.

2BM Software’s Mobile Work Order Suite and Mobile Warehouse solutions have been awarded SAP’s Industry Cloud certification. This is awarded to innovative and future-proof products based on SAP’s solution-oriented standard technologies.


The two solutions from 2BM Software, Mobile Work Order Suite for maintenance and service management and Mobile Warehouse for inventory management, have received SAP’s Industry Cloud certification.

This provides 2BM Software’s current and future customers with visible proof that the Mobile Work Order suite and Mobile Warehouse meet the standards for technology, architecture, and design that SAP demands of Industry Cloud products. And that 2BM Software’s solutions complement SAP ERP system S/4HANA in areas where SAP does not have a user-friendly, mobile, and easily accessible standard solution.

Less than 10 percent of the solutions available in the SAP Store are certified Industry Cloud.

SAP Industry Cloud is specialised SAP ERP and cloud-based solution that help customers optimise, extend and transform their core business processes easily and on a secure enterprise basis, explains Marco Caldana, Global Partner Manager at 2BM Software:


Plug and play solutions

“Industry Cloud is the customer’s guarantee that Mobile Work Order Suite and Mobile Warehouse interact seamlessly with their current SAP system, almost as plug and play solutions that cause no hassle or risk to their existing ERP system. Customers don’t have to worry about the integrity of their SAP system because our Industry Cloud certified solutions don’t touch the SAP core.”

Industry Cloud thus supports SAP’s Clean Core philosophy, which ensures customers reduced implementation time, lower implementation costs and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Proven technology

“Industry Cloud solutions are linked to SAP but are outside the core. The solutions are based on the SAP Business Technology Platform and are integrated with SAP ECC, S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Business Network. Customers get a proven solution with modern and future-proof technology,” says Marco Caldana.

The guaranteed compatibility with SAP architecture means both that Industry Cloud solutions integrate seamlessly with SAP systems and that all Industry Cloud solutions can, by definition, talk to each other.

This provides new and improved opportunities to solve specific challenges that the SAP core does not solve.


New value-adding functionality

It also means that customers don’t have to worry about what upcoming adjustments to the SAP system will mean for the Industry Cloud solution, or what changes to the Industry Cloud application will mean for the SAP system.

Industry Cloud solutions allow customers to take advantage of the latest industry-relevant innovations and efficiently expand existing capabilities.

“As a customer, you get the new value-adding functionality you’ve been looking for and don’t have to worry about how the new solutions work with your current system. Not everyone has an army of SAP people at their disposal. We and our partners can install the application easily and conveniently, according to the customer’s needs and wishes for involvement,” says Marco Caldana.


SAP Industry Cloud benefits everyone

The Industry Cloud certification also benefits 2BM Software’s global partners, who can independently customise 2BM Software’s solutions to match specific customer needs down to the industry and enterprise level without compromising security. In this way, Industry Cloud benefits both 2BM Software’s customers and partners, concludes Marco Caldana, Global Partner Manager at 2BM Software:

“The strength is that our Industry Cloud certified software solutions are based on standard SAP components such as Fiori, UI5 and SAP Business Technology Platform, but of course also that they enable higher usability, productivity and security in maintenance, service and warehouse tasks when using the world’s best ERP system – SAP.”

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Marco Caldana

Marco Caldana

Global Partner Manager, 2BM Software