About Good Foods

Good Foods, located in Wisconsin, USA is a young and fast-growing Food processing company which focuses on state-of-the-art processes, eco-friendly initiatives, and food safety as a priority. High pressure processing (HPP) is how they create preservative-free, great-tasting products with the best nutritional value, so that customers and retail partners can enjoy their food and their lives. They are committed to developing better foods that are made with high- quality ingredients, full of flavor and safe for everyone. They combine their culinary expertise with consumer research and food technology, so they can lead the food world and cultivate goodness within our products, employees, consumers, and communities.

The Challenge

Having multiple production plants in United States and Mexico, the company is on high growth plan for US Markets. Data and efficiency of the employees being the focus point, Good Foods decided to go Mobile with their SAP PM system where they could enhance production efficiency and bring down work order time. The Corporation decided to go for mobile application to replace pen and paper in their maintenance processes. Effective and intuitive interfaces were of great importance alongside an easy to maintain and develop platform that could mitigate the changing rules and regulations and not at least help to be well documented and compliant. 

Why 2BM Software

Good Foods chose 2BM Software offer because our solution offers unique, intuitive user interfaces with features that enables easy, fast, mobile, and offline handling of all SAP maintenance, service, and warehouse processes.

The Project

2BM Software facilitated a workshop with Good Foods USA with business and IT department. The purpose was to identify needs in SAP PM mobility solution and to identify the fits and gaps between the standard solution and the business requirements. Based on this, Good Foods USA chose 2BM Mobile Work Order in a slightly customized version that would meet all their business needs. The delivery model was based on the agile SCRUM delivery method, delivered in sprints and in close collaboration with business and IT. At each sprint, the solution was tested to ensure successful development. With Good Foods weekly participation in this process, the solution was constantly developed in line with customers’ expectations and needs.

The implementation and customization from project start to operation were done remotely in less than 3 months in Wisconsin, USA from Denmark having 6 hours different time-zones difference. According to William Doxtater, it was a flawless delivery experience with constant weekly interactions and follow-ups after every module was installed. Very well coordinated.

Key Benefits

Many processes are now automated and digitized thanks to 2BM Mobile Work Order.


  • Technicians have quick access to work orders and historic data on equipment and functional locations.
  • Technicians can quickly create notifications and document them with photos and annotations to speed up the evaluation process.
  • The solution is fully offline enabled so that the technicians can access and edit SAP processes even without an available internet connection.
  • This has made the employees’ workday more efficient and has eliminated duplicate work.
  • The risk of errors input into the system has also been minimized due to direct integration with the SAP backend and error handling in the application. The risk of false/wrong input has also been minimized.
  • The customer is now equipped for future growth and innovation in the digital maintenance processes as well as real-life interaction is sped up.
  • SAP plant maintenance processes have become better, faster, and more unified.
  • Notifications are created in SAP.
  • The customer can handle more SAP processes in a shorter time. With a scalable system in place and running with best practice SAP Business Technology platform.
  • The SAP Infrastructure enables new features for other work areas and departments to be developed.
  • The SAP Business Technology platform infrastructure utilized by the 2BM Mobile Work Order solution lays the foundation for future solution development for other work areas and departments that can utilize the best-in-class enterprise cloud solution from SAP.
  • The customer can profile itself as a contemporary company using the latest mobile applications – making sure that a younger workforce can see themselves using the tools provided by IT.
  • As the Mobile Work Order solution is constantly being upgraded with new features being released twice a year and continued maintenance and support for the 2BM Software solution.

” Once we implemented the 2BM Mobile Work Order (MWO) App, we had an instant efficiency increase. Our initial work order creation and completion process was approximately 25-30 minutes from start to finish. This included attaching parts to work orders and completing the ‘good issue’ of parts within SAP.

The process we had in place included 3 people. Using the MWO App, we were able to drive down that time to 3-5 minutes total and reduce the headcount required to just the tech that created the work order.

The App itself is very user-friendly. Searching for parts in SAP is a very simple process when using the App. Once we input the part number, we can see the bin location and other details associated with the parts.

I strongly recommend using this App if you are looking to move to a paperless system.”

William Doxtater – Maintenance Systems Supervisor, GoodFoods