A global service company.

The company is a world-leading provider of climate and farm management solutions. For more than 40 years, the company has developed ventilation systems, production computers and management programs for customers all over the world, ensuring high productivity and animal welfare. The company has been using SAP for service management for more than 10 years.

The Challenge

THE COMPANY was on a strong growth path and had an ambitious goal of doubling their revenue. THE COMPANY was not looking to double the number of employees to realize this goal and many of the company’s work processes were both manual and offline with a high risk of error. Therefore, THE COMPANY needed to do things differently and were seeking a solution that could digitize and streamline their work processes to realize their goal.

The Solution

First, we facilitated a Design Thinking workshop with THE COMPANY’s service department, service technicians (end-users of the final app) and the IT department for two days. The purpose was to identify the end-users needs and to visualize our final solution proposal via mock-ups. Based on this, THE COMPANY chose 2BM Mobile Work Order – a customized version that would meet all their business needs.  

The final solution was developed and implemented via sprints. At the end of each sprint, the solution was tested by THE COMPANY to ensure successful development. With THE COMPANY’s active participation in this process, the solution was constantly developed in line with THE COMPANY’s expectations and needs. 

Key Benefits

  • Many of THE COMPANY’s work processes are now automated and digitized thanks to 2BM Mobile Work Order.  
    • Service technicians have quick access to the service orders assigned to them and can complete their work order from the device including time registration, photo attachments, checklists and material handling. 
    • The implemented system is automatically linked to the inventory management system; if a spare part is used in order to complete a service order, it is registered instantly in the warehouse.  
    • When a service order is completed a Service report is generated and an email to the customer with a resumé of the work performed – including the checklist, material consumed, discount on material, hours and materials used and photos to document the work. 
    • The solution is fully offline enabled so that the technician can access and edit service orders even without an available internet connection. 
  • This has made the employees’ workday more efficient and has eliminated duplicate work. The risk of error has also been minimized. 
  • THE COMPANY is now equipped for future growth in the service business. THE COMPANY can handle more customers in a shorter time. With a scalable system in place, the solution can be implemented abroad as well. 
  • The SAP Business technology platform utilized by the 2BM Mobile Work Order solution lays the foundation for future solution development for other work areas and departments  
  • Customer service has become better, faster, and more unified. After a service visit, a report is prepared based on a standardized checklist. The report includes photos and comments and is immediately sent to the customer after completion. 
  • THE COMPANY can profile itself as a modern company using the latest applications. 

“The Design Thinking workshop with 2BM helped us move fast in the design process – doing what usually takes months to brainstorm, analyze and plan in order to deliver a prototype in just one week. We found out what works best for us, how the new technologies can be applied, and what our users need from the application. It is very powerful to transform data and ideas into actionable prototypes in just 1 week”. 

Project Manager for IT and Business Systems, THE COMPANY A/S