Global delivery of software with local expertise

2BM Software is available globally to any company on earth using SAP for digital supply-chain logistics and asset maintenance management. 

But how do we deliver in your local country or across different sites and countries if you are a global manufacturing company?

Well – besides the fact that our user-friendly, mobile and SAP certified software products can be installed, tested and rolled-out in your SAP system remote, we are able to supply local language SAP certified experts who can guide and assist – or take control – of the whole delivery process. 

This is done through United VARs

UVAR – our global alliance of SAP platinum partners – where you as a customer of 2BM and United VARs have access to more than 100.000 SAP certified consultants in more than 100 countries across all continents and equally important – time zones. For a short video explaining this unique set-up se the following video.  

And after you have gone live with the 2BM Software solution,  our local UVAR partner can offer customer support of the solution and your related SAP system – in your local language – with SAP certified and PCOE skilled employees. United Var – Stronger than One – and your guarantee that no matter where your production, service organization or warehouse is located – we can deliver and assist you in using 2BM Software and SAP for digital supply-chain logistiscs and asset maintenance management 

Do you want to know how other companies has used our unique globally available delivery model press here.